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As a former journalist, I have a healthy appetite for news and information. What I find most useful to me are pieces that help put events and changes into context – impart meaning if you will. Sure, I like the catchy headlines and shocking visuals, who doesn’t? But for this blog, I want to share with you news and happenings that will hopefully help you understand better how investment fraud can claim victims. As well, I will look to share useful investing news and tips when I come upon them.


As a lawyer and a boomer approaching retirement, I have been a fairly active investor for the past 15 years or so, owning both individual stocks and bonds as well as mutual funds and ETFs. I am also a mother and want to make sure my son has enough money for post-secondary education and the knowledge to deal with money now that he is starting to work. I will bring this perspective to the blog. Hopefully I can also help you understand more complex investment products and pass along useful tools.

Brenda Lea 

I used to practice magical thinking when it came to money, living a perfectly fulfilling life with only the haziest notion of my financial future. When my communications career led me to the BCSC I suddenly had the opportunity to think, write, and talk about investing matters every day. This gave me a special interest in helping people get more involved in their finances. Bad things very often do happen to good people and their finances, sometimes just because they lack basic financial literacy and sometimes because they don't know what to ask or forget who (you!) should be in charge. If InvestRight can help you bridge the gap between what you know and what else you need to know to protect your financial interests, then it's doing its job. And, if it is, please let us know.


As a father and mid-career professional, I watch my investments and the financial markets closely. Like all parents, I want to be able to help my children meet their financial and educational goals. However, I also know that my partner and I need to be diligent about saving for our retirement. It is tough to strike a balance, but we are doing our best. I look forward to bringing this perspective to the blog, along with my keen interest in social networking and the impact it is having on how people interact and invest.


Please note that bloggers who are no longer working at the BC Securities Commission have had their biographies omitted.

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