Be Fraud Aware

Fraudsters want you to think that the path to the good life is simple. It’s not. In order to reach your long-term financial goals, you need to be an informed, educated investor. This can be hard work, but it is worth it. Knowing the difference between legitimate and fraudulent investments will go a long way in helping you protect yourself against investment fraud.


Investment scams   Scam warning signs

Investment Scams

Investing can seem complex. Before you start, get to know common scams, the language fraud artists use, and how these people operate. It could save you from making a devastating financial mistake. Learn more 


Fraud Warning Signs

No risk! Tax free! Don’t be fooled. Many people fall for this kind of talk when making an investment decision. In the end, it costs them dearly. Learning the scam warning signs can save you from being a fraud artist’s next victim. Learn more

Avoid investment fraud   Fraud among friends  

Avoid Investment Fraud

Anyone can fall for an investment fraud. Scam artists go where the money is, and they all talk a great game. That’s what makes them successful. Always take your time, do your research, and don’t fall for high-pressure sales tactics. Learn more



Fraud Among Friends

Scam artists know that people look to friends and family for financial advice or investment opportunities. Don’t be a victim. Protect yourself and others by understanding how scams spread through tight-knit groups. Learn more

Investor alerts    

Investor Alerts

Investor Alerts warn the public about possible investment scams. BCSC uses Investor Alerts and temporary orders to disrupt, stop, and prevent illegal investment activities. Concerned about an investment? Check here, or contact the BCSC immediately. Learn more